Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio

The Memorex exPressit label design studio will allow you to design and personalize labels and templates for your discs. Storage cases and iPod like as in this era you buy a cover for your smart phone. And you find very cool design behind your smart phone's cover.

Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio

Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio

About Memorex exPressit

That is made by Memorex exPressit label design studio. And one of best thing and feature is Memorex exPressit will help you to design these items with a professional look.

It will not look dull or creepy and you will be only one who will be limited in your design by your creativity of your mind. You can install the software easily with the disc you will get after buying this software. You can simply insert it and install it.

And if you are one who is looking for this software for free you can even download it for free. We will tell you at middle how can you download it for free. And will answer your questions about it.

But first let's talk more about Memorex exPressit studio. The Memorex exPressit design studio is easy to use you can simply use it and start creating design for your items.

You can create a new label by clicking the new label wizard. This is not it you will get more than 15 templates available in CD label design wizard tool. Which are enough for your cool design.

You can create labels for your own CD and DVD's and labels for your mini CD or mini DVD's and jewel cases or storage devices cases or any other smart phone cover cases. The CD label wizard is easy as choosing the product type.

Then simply select which label design wizard you really like and select it for you. Once you have done this just simply click on next button. And you can start designing your label by just clicking finish on bottom.

Print Calibrating Tool

Memorex exPressit label design studio also has it is print calibrating tool which will asset you in printing and posting your designs label wizard. This will help you to ensure that your design gets print perfectly on the paper.

It is not like as normal printout which will release extra dark ink on paper and ruin your design's look. This will perfectly do it. On the first time they have also featured design bar, variation bar, and also a play list manager.

This was all about Memorex now we will talk about your questions which must be popping up in your minds that how to download it for free or how to purchase it and from where and how to use it to design a label for your CD or DVD cases we will tell you few little steps at the end.

So stick with us and let's get rolled to your first question.

Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio

Memorex exPressit Label Design Studio Print Calibrating Tool

How To Download It For Free

Installing Memorex exPressit for free is easy as downloading other free apps. this will work in your mac only before 2016 Memorex was working good on windows as well but after that they removed it for windows 10 but still it is available for some other windows. for downloading it for free you just simply need to open google and visit any other website which provide you paid apps for free. simply visit there search the Memorex exPressit and select version and download it for free


Downloading it for free is always risky because they are pirated or you can say cracked versions of software’s. Which will provide you same features, but there will be no guarantee that they are not coming with virus or malware things.

Which are like as cancer for our desktop can decrease your windows or mac’s life can be cause of losing all the data in your desktop or laptop. Not all are risky but some are risky for sure.

It is up to your responsibility only. Now let’s get rolled to our next question how can you purchase it and from where.

How To Purchase It And From Where?

So purchasing it as official will be safest way to install this software without viruses. If you want to purchase it you do not need to do anything there are two ways to purchase it legally and official.

  1. Go to any nearest store and purchase it as a DVD disk and install it with its manual keys it will take few minutes to install. But it will be official and legal virus free and even if they add any update official purchased software will get them one or two days faster than cracked or pirated apps.
  2. download it from it is official website which you can find easily on google. You will just do your payment through bank or credit debit card or PayPal. After they get your payment you will get direct link to download your software. After download you can install it as simple as installing other normal software's. And it will start working as I told you. Then it will be ready to use for your designing work.


Always stay away from pirated crack apps or software’s because they remove their license to make it free which is illegal to use and illegal to remove license without developer’s permission.

Only use pirated or cracked apps until you do not have any budget to buy a software and you still want to use it badly then you can use them.

Using one pirated app would not hurt. But using a lot of cracked apps might hurt and cause you big data loss with your bank details saved in your desktop.

Final Words

So this was all about Memorex exPressit design studio. Which helps you to design labels for your CD or DVD.

Avoid crack apps which are come along with attached a virus. With them not all but some of them which are developed by hackers to hack victim's data.

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