Sony Vegas Free Video Editing Program

Sony Vegas Free version is a strong and powerful video and audio editing software. It made for non linear editing, It has some great tools in it for you to use. It originally published by sonic foundry. Then by Sony Creative Software. And in recent time it is being held by Magix.

Sony Vegas Free

Sony Vegas Free Video Editing Program


The Sony Vegas Free & Paid runs on the windows operating system. It means if you have window 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, or windows 10 you will be able to run this software easily.

But your computer or laptop must be strong enough to do best and fast rendering. You will not believe, but originally it was made for audio editing only. And it was mistakenly developed in to NLE.

Which means Sony Vegas Free & Paid, mistakenly created for video and audio both editing. In Sony Vegas pro version 2.0 Vegas feature real-time multi-track video and audio editing on unlimited tracks.

And video resolution depends on the sequences of the video. Complex effect and compositing tools 24 bit or 192 khz audio support vst and direct x plug in effect support.

And Dolby Digital Surround Sound Mixing.┬áIn may 2016 Sony announced that it had sold Vegas ( and many others Sony software’s ) to Magix who would must continue supporting and developing new and best kind of software’s.

It will bring them in best features available. And better than other software’s. Now you guys know what is Sony Vegas Pro and whom it is belong to. And a bit history of Vegas pro and it is developers.

Now there must be lot of questions popping up in your mind and I am here to answer them all for you. Hope my answers will satisfy you. You must think is it free? Because it contains pro in its name.

How to download it free. And can it run in your computer or desktop. Just sit back relax I will answer your every question. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get rolled to our first answer.

Is Sony Vegas Free To Download

There are two software’s released in market which are Sony Vegas Free and Sony Vegas Pro. Sony Vegas is totally free to download and use but there will be limited features you will get.

And Sony Vegas Pro is a paid software where will you get tons of features and it will make you Pro video or audio editor. But wait I know you can not spend thousand of money to purchase this software.

That is why I have bring a method for you with that you can download Sony Vegas Pro for free you will not have to pay any single penny for this software. And you will get all the features unlocked in it.

Which means Sony Vegas Pro but for free. That version will be crack version but do not worry you will get updates free as paid Vegas Pro and you will not face any trouble. You can render your videos in HD also.

How To Download It For Free

Sony Vegas Pro is a paid software on their official website. But we will tell you how can you download it for free without spending any single penny on it. And you will even get updates like as paid app and you can update it for free every time. You just go to google type Sony Vegas Pro and click on first link and download your dream editor.


If your desktop or laptop has 8GB of ram it will run very fast. Do not worry you can even run it on 2GB ram but rendering will be slow. If you can wait for few more minutes then go for it download it.

You can not get better editor than this specially if you are a YouTuber or an editor. Ram will effect only rendering speed, otherwise it will run smooth on 2GB ram as well.

Sony Vegas Free

Sony Vegas Free Video Editing Program


Vegas does not require any specialized hardware to run properly. In areas of compositing and motion graphics. Vegas pro provides a broad tool set including 3D Track Motion Compositing with control over z depth.

Much of the visual effect processing in Vegas Pro follows an audio like paradigm. Effects can be applied at the any stage or any second of the video. Event level, track level, output level effects.

There are tons of effects to be used. Much like reverb, delay and flange audio effect are applied in a Digital Audio System. Like a pro tools cu-bass, sonar master output effects can also be controlled and manipulated over time by the use of master bus track.

As the version of 8.0 third party codec also supported but it can be difficult to see which codec is being play back as AVI. That is not it there are more tons of features of Sony Vegas Pro.

I can not just tell you guys all in one article it will get longer but I tell you for sure every single feature you need to edit your video or audio is available in Sony Vegas Pro.

Final Words

This article was about Sony Vegas Pro we have talked about its features or how to install it free. Some precautions you need to look after is that do not download from third party website that can contains virus and malware attached to it. Which can cause you your data loss permanently.

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