TWRP App – How to Install & Use It?

TWRP is an essential tool for everyone who loves to modify their android smart phone is a good custom recovery. TeamWin Repository, i.e. TWRP,  has been around of us since invention of wheel. back in 1996 it has been providing mod-ders with all kind of great and useful tools. Which can help you to modify and recovery anything you like.


Official TWRP App

How Can You Get TWRP On Your Android Device

Sit back & relax! On Social Gift Club, we are, to answer your all the questions popping up in your brain. i will tell you guys how to install it on your Android and i will tell you some basic functions of TWRP and how can you use them easily. so let’s now waste any more time and let’s get rolled to our main topics.

How to Install TWRP

You can install TWRP on your android device by downloading it. Now I will tell you the list of the mobiles phones which are currently supporting TeamWin repository the list is below.

If you do not find your android smart phone in the list. The do not worry we will have more way to install TeamWin repository on your android. So let’s get started by now.

If currently you are using Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Razer, Micromax, Lg, Lenovo, Infix, or Oneplus. Then you probably are using android which is supported by TeamWin repository.

Now we will go through various of different methods. Which will work 100% and you can use them to install twrp on your android smart phone.

Before we start you should go and enable usb debugging on your android. Which is really important,
to get everything setup properly.

You can use 15 seconds adb installer this app created by one of the member of xda team his name is snoop05 after that you can install adb and fast-boot drivers which you will need to run the process.

How to Enable USB Debugging

  1. Go to your settings.
  2. Developer options.
  3. Then click on USB debugging.

Bingo, now you have successfully enabled USB debugging on your android. ( if you do not have developer mode activated in your android then you can simply go to settings then about phone and keep tapping on build number you will get your developer mode activated after developer mode gets activate you can enable USB debugging. )


Enable USB Debugging

Install TWRP via TWRP manager

TWRP manager is a root application. ( Which means an application for rooted android ) Which allow you to take backup or recovery or install your recovery again.

If you device is compatible with this option then it is going to be more easier for you than other methods I am going to tell.

And if your android is not compatible with this method then you can scroll down to next other methods. I have tons of fixes for you.

Install TWRP Recovery With ADB

Now this is bit tough method where you have to be careful with every step. But if you follow my steps as I say. Then it will be much easier for you to install it with adb.

Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get rolled to our answer.

  1. Open the folder where your TWRP recovery .img file saved.
  2.  Now open cmd ( command promote ) in that folder. To open cmd easily you can press shift plus right click anywhere on the empty area and then choose to open command promote. ( this process is only to perform on pc )
  3. Now you have to do is connect your android device to your pc. And give a command in cmd and this will turn you android into boot-loader or fast-boot. And the command you have to type is ( adb reboot boot-loader ) if your android ask for permission for USB debugging then just tap to allow to give it all permissions it need.
  4. Once your device boot into boot-loader then you have to do is type this command ( fast-boot flash recovery TWRP-2. ) then modify TeamWin repository .img to TWRP recovery. img
  5. And after that TWRP will successfully boot on your android then type last and final command to reboot or restart your android and the command is ( fast-boot reboot )
  6. And done. After this you will be able to use TeamWin repository recovery in your android.

Things And Tools You Can Use Of Twrp Recovery


Official TWRP App


If you think you are doing something which can cause you your all data loss in your Android, then you can take backup of it.


If you already messed up things and you had a backup of your data on your ROM, then you can restore it even you can restore your deleted apps.


If you find any kind of bug or your currently ROM is being hang every time then you can simply change it. You just have to download ROM and flash it using twrp-zip flash.


If you are finding any problem in your android & you want to reset it, want to do hard reset & want to make your device run as new one, you can use it to do factory reset.


This article was about TWRP and it is tools and how to install it. You do not have to install it on every android. Some of androids already have this option pre-installed in them.

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