UNITALE – How Do You Use It And Is It Safe

UNITALE is a game made with very simple game designing software that allow you to play in 2D environment. Agree or not but games are important part of our boring lives.


UNITALE – How Do You Use It And Is It Safe

Games are part of every human life since stone era.In that time humans did not had any kind of smart phones technology or internet but games were still there.

Because in that time people used to go outside to play games. But we are in 21 century and there are lot of 2D or 3D games around us which can be played on our mobile phones easily.

I am telling you guys about games because of today's topic about a great game which will run in your android or iOS and it will help you to take decisions fast and make your brain faster than before.

Today we are talking about a 2D puzzle game which is ultra-popular among puzzle lovers. So let's not create any more suspense let me tell you the name of that game.

That game name is UNITALE you can easily find it on anywhere.


UNITALE is a game made with very simple game designing software that allow you to play in 2D environment which makes your game much great and addictive.

You have to make your way through the story by selecting actions to take with the very basic and easy to handle menu system.

When you download and install this game you will find it bit old bit it is not that much old game it is because of software which made it naturally look alike old games. So you can enjoy classic game as well.

Choose A Path And Story Option As Well

In UNITALE there will be a story and unit ale will put you in a story where you can select come options which are presented to you. And in that sometimes include being able to choose from the menu at the bottom.

If you want to make any move like as there will be four options fight, act, item and mercy. While clicking to fight it will be ready to fight, clicking on item.

It will pick an item, while clicking on act it will act of perform a special move or something like that, and if you click mercy you will have mercy on whoever against you.

And the background game objects and characters have a very 2D style to them to the point where they look a like drawn on a Microsoft paint. UNITALE game is quietly similar to quest of glory.

Which is the game you will see a character josh who is playing on the computer in tom hanks movie big.


UNITALE has a good story but it is not an epic story as other big games. It has some good mechanical things. And this game is for those people who love to see what new developers have come with.

This is not for those people who wants to play 3d great great physics game. But this will be addictive game for you if you start playing once.

So today I will tell you how to download UNITALE and how can you use it or play it after downloading. But that will be in end so you can skip to end directly.

So let's get start with how to download UNITALE safely without any virus.

How To Download UNITALE

Now there are lot of ways to download UNITALE and most safest way is to download it from steam. But there you will have to pay some bucks for it.

And if you do not want to pay any single penny, then you will search it on google and you will find tons of websites which will provide UNITALE fully free of cost for you.

But there can be a virus or spyware attached with the file. It is also free as other tons of websites but this will not attach any kind of virus or spyware with your file.

It will give you legit and authentic file. You do not have to do much. You will have to just follow my steps to download UNITALE.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to google
  3. Search UNITALE download
  4. Click on the first link and click download

Bingo! Now you have already downloaded UNITALE for your desktop or laptop. Now you must be wondering how to use it. I am going to tell you now how to use it properly just stick to our article.

UNITALE – How Do You Use It And Is It Safe

UNITALE – How Do You Download

How To Use/play UNITALE

UNITALE is not to be played like as other games. You have to learn how to play it.

  1. UNITALE will be in a zip folder you have to extract it. then go to folder.
  2. Simply run it and you have to know about Lua script before running this game.
  3. If you do not know about Lua script still it is fine you can use third party software for Lua script.
  4. After everything when you double click on unitale.exe. Your game will run but do not forget to put your all UNITALE data in document folder. Because this is documentation game.
  5. You will see levels and other players to attack on them. You can select special keys for attack, mercy, or run. Then it will run like other normal games and you will get addicted to this game. If you love new developer's developed game to see what's new inside this.


In this article I told you guys about the 2D amazing game called UNITALE. Or UNDERTALE. It can be called with both names.

Some precautions are to look out for this game, as third party websites can ruin or steal your data in your desktop or laptop. Even if it is bank detail or ATM pin or anything like that important.

So beware and enjoy this great game.

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